04 March 2005

Mouse Story
This one is for you Carrie :)
I never did take the time to post my mouse story. It’s from early January. I was stuck home from the weather and decided to clean the kitchen. The day before I opened a drawer to get a gummy snack thing and there was an empty bag. I immediately thought Ryan put his trash there just to spite me because I nag him about putting his trash in the trash can. As I sifted through the drawer, there were lots of empty bags and I just knew there had to be a fat mouse around. We had just invested in a few traps because we found evidence elsewhere of their existence. Our basement has housed them in the past because of the wood room but now they seemed to be invading my living space. Anyway, I pulled out the drawer just below the one where the gummy snacks were stored to put away the popcorn. The drawer seemed not to slide back in so smoothly so I investigated. Taking the drawer out and sitting on the floor looking in, I found mounds of stuff. I scooped out an entire broom pan full of gummy snacks. The little rodent had even taken a bag down in there and had some wrapped inside it. There were gummy snacks and popcorn kernels galore back there. So I cleaned it all out and haven’t seen any more evidence since then. I think Ryan’s trap with peanut butter caught the fat tick shortly before or after this finding. Their home in the basement had been invaded by our cats that stay down there all day and I guess they found cover elsewhere. Ah, the joys of living in an old house in the country.

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