11 March 2005

Exactly two weeks ago, Ryan measured my belly and it was 5” bigger than “normal”. Today shows another two inches of growth. I definitely can’t get into my regular jeans anymore. For so long, I’ve taken pride in the fact that I can still fit into the same clothes I was wearing in HS. But, that’s no longer true. The baby continues to move around a ton which has been fun for me to experience. The sleeping thing is way uncomfortable and I look forward to weekend naps.

Life at work has been fun lately. Ryan’s busy season is upon him which means he no longer has regular hours. My work running rampant with 3 huge conservation programs, one of which we’ve never experienced before and will encompass 2/3 of our county. On top of that, we just received new planning and design software which has lots of bugs and quirks that should have never made it to production. And, did I mention that Troy, the other soil conservationist here, was detailed to North Central Iowa for 3 months. Ah, its been fun though. There are days when it seems like I get a whole lot of NOTHING accomplished. This has been my first full week back in the office for quite a while though.

It’s been a wild and crazy week for us at home too. Monday night, we saw Daniel Royer for a bit then grabbed supper and went to a movie. Got home in time to hit the sack. Tuesday night we had a Lenten service for church. Wednesday night I taught JV while Ryan was still running calls. And last night was bible study. Its been a full week. We were scheduled for supper with a friend tonight who just called and says he’s gotta get back home (the opposite side of the state) before the weather gets worse. So, he’ll stop by the house briefly instead which means I’ll be home tonight and I can fold the laundry and put some more in the wash. Cleaning is not my idea of a fun Friday night but tomorrow (my regular cleaning time), I hope to be working on Ryan’s curtains. I’m making him blackout curtains for the living room so it can be dark when he’s watching tv, movies or playing video games.

It’s snowing here again. It had flurried for about 3 days now and we’ve had lots of strong winds. I think it was Tuesday that we had about an inch but most of it melted off by that afternoon. Now it’s coming down pretty good and we’ve heard up to 7 inches tonight with 25-30 mph winds. We shall see!!!

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