09 March 2005

I think our baby B likes M&M’s. I just ate a few and now the baby is kicking and moving around like crazy. He did this same thing for an hour straight while Ryan and I watched In Good Company. I can’t believe my belly is getting so big. It doesn’t feel big till I see it in pictures or in the mirror. Wow, there’s a kid growing inside me. SCARY.

I’ve been working on my skills to be a mom. It’s been quite the rude awakening. I love kids and usually we have a blast together EXCEPT this last week. Sunday, I made Caleb Zurbriggen (our 1 year old buddy) cry twice. I think it’s a game for him sometimes though. He gets all giddy around me and then tries to follow up with a scowl. Its quite cute. Then Monday, we visited the Royer’s briefly to see their new baby. Let me just say that I wanted them to have a girl because I was scheming to marry off our children. But, they had a very cute little boy and named him Daniel Leon Royer. Monday, I made Daniel cry when I held him. It may have been that I was just outside walking and my hands or jacket were cold. Or maybe that I didn’t snuggle him – I held him out in front of me so I could see him. Who knows but I’ve made to babies cry in two days. Today though was better. I held my friend Millie’s little boy Ben. He’s 9 months old and just loved me. I’ve got another few months to get this thing down before I start calling all of you for help!

Still looking for baby names and don't forget to check out my belly pictures in the post below.

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