21 March 2005

We have this book of 50,001 baby names to check out. It’s been quite entertaining to read through the names by topic such as “future veterinarian”, and “names for pro athletes”. There is quite the topic list to choose from. Like my friend Jen who just had a baby, I also like a fair amount of names under the topic “names lesbians and gays choose”. What the heck, I’m not like that but they are cute names. Last night, I laid on the couch all snuggled up and started making a list of names that I like for a boy. I think it would be cool for Ryan to do the same thing and then for us to see what names we both chose. He’s still sold on Dirk and I’m still sold on Scott. My other random thought about names is what if we’re surprised and have a girl. We’ve spent no time thinking about girl names. Hmm…

Okay, so more from me today, it’s a busy blog day for me. So much is happening in my busy little life… oh that reminded me of something else. Okay, I’ll start with that. My college buddy Katie is getting married in September and asked me to be a bridesmaid. Yup, just two short months after my due date (if the kid is on time), I’ll be flaunting my (hopefully in shape) self at a wedding in CA. I’m excited to share in Kate and Brady’s day and also hope to make it a trip home with the “family” to see family and friends in CA.

Back to my original thought. Maybe you remember reading about Mark and Eunice (Ryan’s parents for those who don’t know) and their dog. They put Trapper (their golden retriever) just before we got there for Christmas. We had the bright idea of getting them a puppy for Christmas. Sadie was quite the puppy alright, as cute as can be too. She’s been quite the handful for the AZ B’s and has even got to know the local vet pretty well. Last Tuesday, Mark and Eunice had to put down another dog. Ouch is right! She had distemper and had gotten really sick. Although she’d been vaccinated for it… who knows – my veterinarian husband explained all the details to me which you probably don’t care to read. I thought for sure they’d never get another dog. They’d only had Sadie for a few months. But, it was quite the opposite. It made them realize that they really do want a dog and decided to get another one. While in Phoenix on Saturday, they bought a new puppy. Rocky was born on December 28th and is quite the puppy. So far he’s a quiet little golden retriever and already they’re attached. Make sure to check out the pictures to see their new addition to their home.

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