25 March 2005

I left the office a tad bit early yesterday to run some errands. Before I walked out the door, I felt like I was gonna fall over – totally out of energy. But, I decided to drive the 30 miles to Prairie anyway. Stopped in at Cabelas to return some shoes. First let me say, I love Cabela’s – not because I’m this major outdoorsy person and love to hunt/fish and buy expensive things; I just like their shoe department. I was buying shoes and told the employee helping me that I bought a pair, got them home and they were way uncomfy and didn’t fit well. She said to bring them back. Yup, you can return them if you’ve purchased them within the last year and have the receipt. Now, I’m not the type to return dirty, used shoes but this pair had only spent a few hours on my feet. Yay for Cabela’s return policy! While there of course, I had to peruse the clothes and shoe departments. I saw the cutest shorts there and some cute light coats. But, this is not the season in my life to be buying clothing – who knows what I’ll fit into when this is all said and done. So, I moved on to the shoe department and found several pair of shoes (oh, I have this shoe fettish). I just want a comfy pair of sandles for the summer since I can’t wear the typical sandles that you wear with my knees causing problems. But, I held back and didn’t buy those either. I’ve heard that you might wear a different shoe size after having kids. Doesn’t make any sense to me and I struggled because I knew that I could buy them and 6 months down the road return them if my feet magically grow but I didn’t think that would be right to wear them and then return them. So, I left Cabela’s and went on my way.

Did the Walmart run for the few things we needed and searched for Easter basket stuff for my parents and Ryan. Anything but candy would be good but I just wasn’t coming up with anything – not even the typical baseball cards that I buy Ryan. After too much time in Wally world and way too much money (as usual), I knew I wouldn’t be back in time for the Maundy Thursday service. So, I quick stopped at McD’s. Okay, first of all, I don’t even like McD’s but I knew I should eat something. So, I scraped quarters out of my car and the bottom of my purse and had just enough for a cheeseburger and fries. What a let down that was.

Even though I really didn’t have the energy for church, I was bummed I couldn’t go. Looking forward to a quiet evening at home (Ryan would be gone for his guys study time), I headed on home. A call from Ryan informed me that the guys were coming over to watch the Passion of the Christ and no girls would be allowed. WHATEVER! No big deal, I could crawl up in bed and read my new book (oh, that’s another fun story). Not too long later, another phone call from Ryan to say that he had a sick guy to attend to (the guy thought Ryan could help a cow that was aborting). He wanted me to start the movie for the guys. Funny how I was important all of a sudden! I got home, put away groceries, hid the few things I did get for Easter (I’m gonna make them do an Easter egg hunt), changed over the clothes and was a busy little wife.

In the process, I thought I’d be a good wife and make the guys brownies. Whipped those up quick before the guys came (Ryan made it back in time) and offered them drinks while they waited for Alan. I thought I was such a superstar wife waiting on them. Then Alan walks in with grocery bags of chips, dip, drinks, etc. The guys were excited for food. Here it was my superstar-ness went right down the drain and I headed upstairs to my book. The guys never even touched the fresh brownies last night. I couldn’t believe it. I’m sure I still qualify as a super wife, it just went a bit unnoticed (except Ryan who was busy trying to kiss and hug on me while I was trying to bake and clean up the mess).

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