15 March 2005

It’s Tuesday morning and already a crazy week. It started out crazy Monday morning when my appointment was 20 minutes early. I made him wait since I was in the middle of another project. And the day just snow balled from there. Speaking of snow balls, we didn’t get the snow last weekend. It did flurry and the winds were strong but no snow stacked up. We’ve had a trace on the ground the past few mornings but nothing bad. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s forcast of 40 degrees.

Went to see my OB doctor yesterday afternoon, thanks to a friendly reminder from my awesome husband. He said that the ultrasound showed my due date at July 8th and of course I shared that I liked the 4th better. Then, when he measured me, he said I measured at 26 weeks and I was only 24 weeks and one day. Funny how that all works. Last month I measured small and this month I measured big. I also gained 9 pounds in the last 2 months. I’ve never weighed this much in my life!

Anyway, I’m off to meeting this morning that requires an overnight. Kinda looking forward to seeing some work buddies and hanging out. I used to love to travel for work and then didn’t like it as much when I got married. This past 6 months, I’ve hated traveling for work. But this is just one night, 2.5 hours from here, not so bad. And, I feel good. Or at least, I felt good. Something didn’t sit well in my stomach this morning. Either the blueberry poptart, the glass of milk or the 1 drink of caramel frappacinno that I had. It was instant nastiness though and I feel all yucky and pukey. Haven’t had those feelings for a few months so this sucks once again. Think of me the next few days as I’m on travel…

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