21 March 2005

WOW, what a crammed packed weekend behind and another busy one ahead. I survived my overnight to Marshalltown. It was great fun EXCEPT the bad dream I had that mixed the past and the present together. Ooh, scary stuff and I woke up in a strange hotel and initially wasn’t sure where I was. I patiently waited for one hour to pass before calling Ryan. Usually I wake up from my random dreams, roll over and snuggle up to Ryan’s back and go back to sleep. It was rough not having him there; oh how I love my husband!

Was back in my own office Thursday and not feeling so good but managed to get quite a lot accomplished. Had a headache when I got home but ran to Sabor Latino for supper with Ryan and the folks before bible study. During our video bible study, I found myself quite distracted with watching my stomach move with the baby’s movements. After I got back home, I just felt yucky – tummy, sore throat and headache. So, I curled up to Ryan on the couch and tried not to think about it. Finally decided I just needed to go to bed.

Friday, I was home sick from work. I woke up with swollen glands, a dry-itchy throat and just yucky feeling overall. I ran a few errands and mailed lots of packages first thing in the morning. Mom and Ralph came over and was a great help cleaning up the kitchen and swapping furniture in the living rooms and playing with Ryan’s curtains. Late that afternoon, we met with the tax guy - woo hoo, we have that taken care of. Friday evening while I had dinner in the oven, I was still working on the curtains. I started measuring them, and my figures weren’t matching up. On all 3 of the curtains I made, the length was too short. I could have cried! I didn’t even know what to do. So, I called Ryan up from the basement and we re-measured and the same figures applied. Here I had spent lots of time and money and the stupid things weren’t going to work as planned. I’d have to add to them to get enough length but wasn’t sure how to go about that. This was Ryan’s birthday gift, his birthday was the next day and I screwed them up. I gave up, ate supper and sulked on the couch.

Saturday morning we awoke to several inches of fresh snow (isn't it mid March???) on the ground and I wished Ryan a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! He made plans to work on the nursery and put trim back up in the upstairs bedrooms with our friend Dennis. So, I gave Ryan one of his birthday presents before we headed off to breakfast to celebrate. First we stopped in at the lumber yard to get some items. After tearing out the check to pay, Ryan saw that he used the last check. That meant, we didn't have a blank check to pay for breakfast. I had left my purse at home which had another checkbook and bank card. Instead of having chicken fried steak for his birthday breakfast, we stopped for breakfast sandwiches at Hardees (AKA Carls Jr. for you west coast people). That was the start of an interesting day!

As soon as we got home, I called mom to whine about my curtains. She was out shortly after to help me with the drama. The curtains were too short and not wide enough either. The fabric pulled real bad with the type of stitch I used to sew them. I could find a way to add on to them but adding width would be interesting. We put them in the window to see and it wasn’t all that bad. By now it was lunch and Ryan was in the kitchen eating. So, I called him for his opinion. He thought they were fine and was very nice about it. I knew he was just trying not to hurt my feelings (after making me cry about them the week before). I asked mom for her opinion and she said that they looked bad. Grr. Now what? Figured I could use them in our bedroom with some minor changes but not what I wanted.

The rest of the day while my honey and a few friends slaved away upstairs mudding, texturing and putting up trim, mom helped me work to get our home cleaned and prepared for Ryan’s surprise birthday party. Time was getting short in a hurry but Ryan seemed clueless because he was so involved in his own work. I had the perfect plan after Renessa almost spilled the beans. We were gonna go to Living Stone (a contemporary worship service at our church) at 530. I planned to leave early since I’ve not been feeling good and meet our friends at the house at 6:30. The Z’s would bring him home since they were gonna hang out anyway at our house. When I was about ready to go, Ryan hadn’t jumped in the shower yet. He came up to me and said that he wasn’t going to make it to Living Stone. He wanted to get the nursery finished and didn’t want to leave Dennis to do all the work. I could have died. There goes the big surprise! In the end, it did work out. His first buddy arrived and made it sound like they were just stopping by on their way home. Then my mom and Ralph pulled up, Debbie pulled up and I pulled up all within a few minutes. Ryan figured it out when my mom had him help her carry in the food she and Ralph prepared. It was fun, just a few of his buddies, when you include their spouses, gets to be a house full in a hurry. Mom and Ralph made some excellent beef, green beans, bread, salad and 2 awesome desserts. He’s so spoiled!

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