25 February 2005

Las Vegas Blvd.
Okay, this is try #2. I had typed the whole thing and somehow deleted it by accident and couldn’t get it back.
Yesterday, Ryan and I spent the afternoon on the “strip”. We had a great time walking around, ignoring the guys trying to sale shows and hookers. Walked through a few casinos to see what was so special about them. Our biggest purchase was at M&M World. We bought a little M&M onesy. Ryan had to have yellow since its his favorite M&M character. We also bought a red hat to go with it so that the poor kid is in Iowa State colors.
We saw a few exhibits while we were there too. We watched the trainers try to sway 3 lionesses to get up and play around. They were laying on the glass tunnel that you can walk underneath. It was cool to see and very cute when the lioness did bat at and play a little with the trainer. We also saw 2 cubs that were just adorable. One woke up and went and started pestering the other to wake it up. It was so cute! We also saw a white tiger laying around too. It was pretty but the habitat wasn’t as nice and the lions were better. At the Flamingo (an older and more historic hotel), we saw African penguins, pink flamingos as well as various ducks, swans, turtles and fish. It was our favorite exhibit to see because there wasn’t a thick piece of glass separating us from everything. It also had fountains and waterfalls throughout.
We walked around the strip for 8 hours yesterday. My calves and feet were killing me!!!! We had ice-cream at Ben & Jerry’s, supper at Planet Hollywood and other fun stuff. It was nice to hang out with my honey and snap a few pictures. At the end, we watched the fountains at the Bellagio – yes, it is a must see. By then we were so tired that we only watched one of the shows.

Homeward Bound
This morning we awoke to our hotel bill – always a scary thought. Had breakfast and now its time to pack to head home. Woo hoo! Las Vegas is an interesting and fabulous city with lots to do but home is where my heart is! We get home late tonight, I have the weekend home and then I’m back on travel Monday through Wednesday for work.

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