07 February 2005

No near death experiences lately - woo hoo! We've had WARM weather, the snow for the most part gone. It's been in the 40's and even made it into the 50's. Yesterday we had rain all day. Not too bad though - sure beats ice. THis morning we woke up to about an inch of snow on the ground. It had cooled off to 22. That also means that the rain and melted snow had since frozen on the roads. Ryan warned me before I left this AM that the roads weren't cleared. I stayed home a few extra hours and read some and took a nap. Oh, so nice and needed!
The super bowl party was fun and exhausting yesterday. Who cares about the teams, we wanted a good game and that was reason enough for the party. There were 17 people at our house, lots of noise, lots of food and a little drama. Just before the game, Ryan and Renessa's little boy (Caleb 1 year old) pulled a slow cooker of chicken wings off the table. He stayed safe though and just got a little sauce on his new shoes and pants. Good thing he was safe. It was a fun mess to clean up just before we ate and left a charming "Swiffer" smell in the dining room. Yay for wood floors! I'm just glad my little buddy pulled that over instead of the little smokies and the chili beans that were on either side of it!
I wasn't overly impressed with the commercials this year. A few good ones. My favorites were the one where the daughter catches his daughter who snuck out and didn't care so long as she gave his car back. The other favorite of course was the commercial where the military folks were walking through the airport and everyone was clapping. Good stuff.
It's Monday and at this time next week I should have an appointment for an ultrasound. Will it be a boy or a girl???

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