22 February 2005

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Another wonderful day in Vegas. It was gorgeous out this morning when I left my room for breakfast. I stayed in bed while my honey was up, ready and gone this morning for the conference. We all met at 11:00am for lunch. Had some good Chinese food and went to the exhibit hall. I snuck in as Capt. Mike Hansen from Ft. Riley, Kansas. Ryan and I walked passed EVERY single booth in there. It took almost 5 hours including the stops we made along the way. Holy cow, my feet are tired!!! Had 2 interesting moments of the day, at the CVM (Christian Vet Mission) booth we met a veterinarian who's been in Mongolia serving where Ryan has been several times. So, that was fun for the two of them to reminisce and talk about people they both knew across the world. It was cool. We also ran into Cameron Aguiar, a guy I was in dairy club with and showed cattle with at Fresno State. He's now working for Fort Dodge (animal health). It always amazes me how small our world can seem.

I'm back at the hotel for an hour before I head back to the conference. Ryan is still there getting educated. There's a CVM presentation tonight that I'm heading over for since Ryan has been involved with CVM and we support them. When he's done tonight, we'll meet up at the CVM talk. And by then, a whole day will be gone.

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