04 January 2012

Like Mother Like Daugther

Guess who got new boots in our family...

That's right.
Not just momma

Bethany has been begging for some red boots so she could match her Grammy who has red ropers. We looked at lots of boots. No red ones. I couldn't talk her into the cute ones with pink on them. She HAD to have the brown ones. Oh how adorable she is... even if she thinks her brown pants match her brown boots.

And you know what, little Miss isn't the only one sporting new boots. It's been years since I've bought a new pair of boots. But this country-to-the-core girl is also grinning from ear to ear about her new purchase.

Now, all we're missing is Grammy. We need her to join the picture in her flashy red ropers!

Thank you honey for allowing me to buy new boots, even if I haven't been able to fit into my Wranglers for years! I love you husband!!!