12 January 2012

Bad Mom?

Bad mom moments this morning according to Scott:
  1. I wouldn't make him a bagel.
  2. I let him choose a cereal instead. He chose one we never eat and have purchased to make a dessert with. I said no.
  3. I took him to his Physical Therapy appt for his GI issues. He had to miss the movie time during music class because his appointment ran long.

I can easily think of ways to fix the above problems. Guess it's time to teach him to toast his own bagel. He was informed that he was to take part of the blame for the long appointment since he kept insisting on being Mr. Clown instead of being serious.

What horrible mom things will I be up to tomorrow?

On another funny note, Judah talked NON STOP!!!! This morning was not the case. At all. Scott suggested at one point that we call Ryan (he was gone early this morning) to tell Daddy of the odd reality of Judah being quiet.

P.S. Judah received his official citizenship paperwork in the mail today. He can now serve his country in the military and serve in public office.... where he will talk non stop.