22 January 2012

Snow Day

We had a fun afternoon of sledding down the hill. This was the first time the kids would sled down the hill by themselves and enjoyed it. While I love sledding with them, I look forward to some sledding events that don't need momma and daddy with every step up the hill.

After one collision, Judah even lost his boot. Those boys were a blast to watch together.

Isn't he gorgeous? Yes, I think so. His natural herding instincts are amazing.

And sometimes annoying. He eventually had to go spend time in his kennel after lots of herding and nipping.

Eventually the wine picked up and Bethany was done. She informed us she was going back to the house. Her daddy joined her. A short bit later, the boys and I came in for hot chocolate too :)


Anna said...

it's Very Cool,

Sarah said...

I'm very jealous of your snow!