15 January 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

Bite Sized Update Coming Right Up:

Date Night
With the kids at the inlaws for a sleep-over, Ryan and I had a little date night. We met up with two other couples. One couple we see regularly, the other couple I haven't seen since I changed jobs in late August. It was great to see them, even though our time was short. I was thankful the kids were being cared for and getting some time with their grandparents.

Did I Cry Through That Whole Movie
I cry easy. Some movies bring my emotions out like crazy. Usually I can keep the tears from exiting my eyes and keep the emotions stomped down. Not today. Not sure if it was the subject matter, the exhaustion, or something else. But I cried. A lot.

Speaking of movies, it was Courageous that Ryan and I saw. I love how the movie has a call to action for the men. Without knowing for sure, I think it's safe to assume that the church who created the movie has a book to go with it. I love how it calls men to be Courageous - to take seriously the leading and raising of their families. I couldn't help but sit and think of the call on my husband, the responsibility that he has. As a wife and a mom, I have responsibility too. And so I find myself challenged to dig through the bible to remind myself of my responsibilities.

Back to my Roots
Recently Bethany and I bought cowgirl boots. She'd been asking for quite some time. It had also been quite some time since I'd worn boots. Recently I've been back to my roots a bit wearing my sassy boots with jeans. Tonight Miss Priss asked to wear my cowboy hat which has become a decoration instead of a clothing item. Well, after the kids were done trying on the hat, it was placed on my big 'ol cabesa where it remained for the evening.

My Favorite
I love fried potatoes. Ryan made some the other night and I felt so at home. It's something my Nanny used to always make so it reminds me of her. Then this morning for breakfast, he made another of my favorites. I love chorizo and egg burritos. Another favorite of mine is almond joy candy bars. I'm not huge on candy but once in a while I just want one. I read a recipe online and when I suggested buying the ingredients, Ryan gently reminded me that I've chosen to eat healthy and don't need to make them now. And these three things is why Ryan is my FAVORITE. Love him.