25 January 2012

Bits and Pieces

  • Sweetheart Supper invites are done. Not as cool as I'd like them to be but I decided not to put hours and hours into their design this year.
  • Judah's birthday is coming up soon!!!
  • Our small group is doing a study on biblical manhood and womanhood. Very interesting and I'm enjoying learning more of what that looks like.
  • I love my Awana kids. They're fantastic.
  • I love my 3 kids. They're fantastic too.
  • And so is their Dad.
  • Each night my to do list is too long and I haven't managed an early bed time at all lately.
  • Up next on that list: finishing some Ethio bead things for Betty.
  • I'm cold and tired... time to go snuggle my honey.

1 comment:

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