14 December 2011

Wrapping Gifts

Tips about wrapping Christmas presents… aka random thoughts based on a conversation from lunch today:


When wrapping Christmas gifts, you would be wise to take the toys out of the packaging, remove all those annoying wires and gadgets that hold the toy in place, insert batteries if need be, and then wrap the toy.  Then when it's time to open gifts, you will be able to enjoy watching the children open the gifts instead of constantly trying to remove all the excessive wires, etc.


Do your kids get gifts from Santa?  Do you have a good hiding place they're in right now?  Have you considered putting the gifts under the tree unwrapped?  At first I didn't like this idea cause then kids wouldn't have gifts to open.  But as I thought that through, they would likely still have a gift from mom, dad, grandma's, and others who will wrap them.   Unwrapped gifts are perfectly okay.  After all, every time you see Santa on TV with his bag of loot, are the gifts wrapped 100% of the time?  It will save you time, save on the piles of paper and if your kids are young enough, they won't care.


Now, if your family is like mine, we don't do Christmas gifts from Santa.  In fact, Santa is just another fun character like the veggie tales and Batman.  Yes, our kids have learned about Saint Nicholas via the Veggie Tales movie, but the actual fat dude in a red suit who crawls down the chimney only in "rich" countries, well, we don't focus on him.  And we're not criticizing you if you do, it's just my personal decision for my family.  Often times my parents will get a gift from Santa and so will Ryan cause it's fun.  Our kids probably will too when they're older but not right now when they're 6, 4, and 3.  So anyway, back to my point, I had another thought about gift wrapping.  Instead of spending endless hours of gift wrapping while the kids aren't staying in bed, or while you're exhausted, the thought occurred to me that we could get a big box, put all of their smaller gifts in it and wrap it.  That, my friends, would be awesome.  Kids still get to unwrap a gift.  I don't have to wrap a hand full of gifts, and we save on picking up piles of paper.  I'd be more than happy to let the 3 things of tape sit there for another year!


What are your Christmas wrapping thoughts and plans?


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Tamara B said...

And Betty just emailed me a great idea for hiding gifts... Use lockable luggage. Great idea Betty!