02 December 2011

A Nice Gift

Hello all, guest blogger this morning. It's "the husband". Due to my current state of insomnia I find myself awake at all hours of the day/night, with no one else around. This has been giving me time to get extra things done.

I thought I' post a quick note about my wonderful wife. My family has had a tradition of giving each other tree ornaments every year when we decorate the family tree. This is one of my favorite traditions and I look forward to find the perfect ornament every year, and of course getting mine.

The kids and I found the ornaments we wanted way back in October when we were visiting family in Des Moines, but I had no idea when Tamara had found the time to get mine so I assumed she hadn't gotten me one.

I was delightfully surprised when I was passing out ornaments to have her walk up and give me something wrapped in tissue papper. I quickly unwrapped it and found a little Ethiopian mask Christmas tree ornament. I have started to collect the masks when we are in country. I'm not sure why but they kind of intrigue me, so I was very delighted to find that my wife had thought of me when she saw the little one and had the forethought to purchase it to surprise me with it on tree decorating day. She's a good woman like that.


Tamara B said...

I thought he would like it. And I loved that he posted to my blog and I didn't even know it. He's awesome like that. Love my husband!!!

Tamara B

Anonymous said...

That's cool..

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