22 September 2009

Where did our Weekend Go?

I'm not sure where our weekend went. What's worse is that I had Friday off. Really, I do know how we spent our time, I just can't believe it went so fast. Friday and Saturday we had our adoption training in central Iowa. Met two other couples and bonded well with them.

Friday evening we spent the night with Israel and Paola (son of the Pastor of the church in Mexico City). Participated with them in their ministry to the hispanic children. We didn't do a whole lot except during craft time and clean up. I had a few kids asking me questions and the young girls wanted to sit by me. The boys thought that Ryan was a WWF wrestler with his big stature, bald head and goatee. We had a late but tasty supper on Friday night and visited with our new friends. Saturday we had shared another meal and visited some more before we headed back to our training. It was great to be so close to where our friends are ministering and have a few moments to spend with them. What a ministry they have there!

Saturday on our way back home, we made a quick stop in the city to buy some paint for the room remodel project. Ryan has the drywall back up where I asked him to tear it out in hopes of more space. It was a waste of time and drywall but at least we have a solid wall now that's ready to be primed and painted.

Sunday afternoon was our typical hang out time at home. Just trying to relax a bit before the weekend started. As usual, I thought that I could get at least 3 things done in a short amount of time. I ended up practicing guitar lessons for a bit, didn't prime the wall when Ryan realized that there wasn't primer in the paint like he thought, but did manage to make a new black baby doll with my new pattern. I had to change the pattern a bit and the doll is another sample that Bethany has taken from me. I'm excited to get a few of those made to put on the auction but know that my time is limited.

Tonight I have guitar lessons, a conference call with our agency and hope to squeeze in a physical to do for our adoption paperwork. Whew, I'll need my lunch break today to get some paperwork done!

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