09 September 2009

Maize Maze

We went to the Maize Maze last night with the international students from the local university. Scott really wanted to venture through the maze. It was already getting late and I was a little nervous taking a 4 year old through a big corn field and possibly not finishing before dark. We started off with a few of our new friends but soon realized that they were wanting to do their own thing as was Scott. This was my kind of adventure - reading a map, walking through a corn field. I only got slightly turned around once on the circle part when Scott was holding the map and I was distracted by my husband and child who were on the bridge above us. We both had a blast in the corn maze. Afterwards we roasted a few marshmallows for smores and then took our tired children home for showers and bed time! It was my first time in the maze and it was great!

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