04 September 2009

Guitar Lessons

Tuesday I started guitar lessons.  I had looked at one lesson online previous to that.  And about 17 years ago (well that makes me feel old), I played the clarinet for a year. Other than that, I have no experience.  In fact, I have a very concrete memory of my sister telling me at one point in life that I couldn't sing.  So I won't even sing in public... except for church.  I always feel bad for those sitting in front of me. 
Anyway, first lesson and Shane had me playing 3 different songs.  I was excited about that but it wasn't real smooth.  I've been practicing each night.  Hoping to improve quickly get sore and build up calluses.  Last night I pulled my guitar out before the kids went to bed and Bethany started singing the song I was playing.  I was excited.  It was recognizable - at least to the kids.  Woo hoo!

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