04 September 2009

home, sweet, home

Yay, Ryan got home yesterday afternoon.  It was so good to see him again and he was only gone for 7 days.  I love my hubby dearly!  Last night for supper, I really was tired of cooking and just tired in general.  Rather than cooking up something and over-eating, I opted to make fruit smoothies.  We ate those and played with the kids for a bit before our little outdoor adventure.  Bethany had to wear big girl panties last night (she's not in the least bit potty trained) and since we were going outside, I let her.  We played on the swings and slide, picked veggies in the garden and went for a short walk.  Back in the house, Ryan grabbed the kids something more to eat while I tended to Scott in the bathroom.  That's when Ryan noticed that Bethany spilled water all over.  Well she didn't have water so I piped up and commented that she might have pee'd instead.  Sure enough.  Who's idea was it to put her in undies anyway.  She was certainly sad to take her Dora panties off.  Even though I did the changing and bath, I got a kick out of Ryan having to get right back into the swing of family life.

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