14 September 2009

Monday is HERE

It was a long but good weekend. I have some great pictures to share but its late and I'm too lazy to find my camera cord. We spent the weekend in Ryan's old stomping grounds. Hung out with a few friends, watched the Cyclones pretend to be football players, visited the Neil Smith Wildlife Refuge, celebrated Grandpa's 89th birthday, hung out with a few more friends and headed home. I thought I needed a caramel frapp on the way home. Got a venti one - Ryan and I used to share one that size. Got my own so I could share with the kids. The kids didn't eat their supper so I sucked down the frapp on my own hence the reason I'm still awake!

Ryan has 3 weekends off in a row. We just burned through the first one. It was a great weekend. We stayed at Ryan's grandparents which is where we were when Scott had both seizures. I prayed and prayed over him but with every cough and noise he made, I was sitting up on my air mattress watching to make sure he was fine. Saturday night I relaxed a little more but still had a late night. Tonight I'm thinking I won't be getting much sleep either. With allergies in full swing, something wierd going on in my trap muscle and coffee, I'm sure tomorrow (or today actually) won't be the brightest of Mondays!

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Kristine said...

Another seizure scare?? So sorry to hear it!! I'm sure he's bounced back quickly... praying that God will surround you with peace!!