25 September 2009

Small Town

You know you live in a small town when:
1. Your mail carrier calls your cell phone and asks you what to do with the package that won't fit in the mail box.
2. The nurse practioner who's doing your adoption physical calls your office to ask if she can meet at the pizza place to confirm the results of my Tb test rather than at her clinic because she had conflicting plans at 530.

Gotta love it. I sure do. My mail carrier that called isn't the regular one. The regular guy would've just taken it to the vet clinic or put it on the porch. The carrier that fills in does so on a regular basis and happens to be one of my friends. The nurse practitioner is this really cool, really kick-back lady. I love that she felt comfortable enough (some might say that's unprofessional) to ask me to meet her at the pizza place!

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