14 August 2008

Update from the land of Oz:

Okay, I'm not really in the land of Oz, but it sounded like fun. I'm actually kinda sorta at home. I'm actually working in a nearby office this week helping them with some contract paperwork, planning and reporting. It's an hour drive from my house but fortunately I get to stop at our area office (about 7 miles from my house), get one of their vehicles and head to the flat lands. My miles and time driving are all on the government dime. Here are a few highlights from this office experience:
  • I already know the staff here. I made plain to the boss here that I didn't appreciate feeling like I was expected to answer the phone when the secretary was out. HELLO, I'm NOT the secretary and I don't even work here.
  • Planning is so much easier when working in the flat lands.
  • Being able to work [almost] interrupted allows me to get a lot more done.
  • This office is much smaller and I'm working about 3' from the next guy compared to having my own corner to hide in at my regular office.
  • The boss here is receptive to change and makes a point to ask me if I need anything. I appreciate a little feedback from him.
  • People here cuss like sailors... maybe worse. Lots of swearing and using God's name in vain, which I don't appreciate.
  • Woo hoo, I might be saving a few dollars on gas this week.
I'm starting my day early and ending late (which is normal for me) to give me more time here. I get back to town just in time to pick up Scott and head to Vacation Bible School. Here are a few highlights from my week with the 3-Pre-k kiddos:
  • I quickly learned that God has not gifted me to teach 12 preschool kids!!!
  • I had one little boy pee his pants twice last night... and he's potty trained.
  • The creators of this material must not have realized that 3 and 4 year olds can't read.
  • It is way cool to hear Scott rattle off the different verses for each day.
With the hours I'm working followed by VBS with preschoolers, it shouldn't surprise you that I'm whipped each night when I get home. Last night was the first night this week that I was able to stay awake while Ryan and I prayed together before bed!


Fantastagirl said...

It sounds like an interesting office, I guess I should count my blessings, as I don't think I would enjoy working with those ladies... *cough*
Saving $$$ on gas is always a great thing.

I am back to work, and just exhausted...wish next week was only half days as well.

jerelyn said...

Sounds like you had quite a week! Hope things at the office turn around a bit for you...what an eye-opening experience though. I guess you can be thankful you don't work there permanently! :-)

Ashley said...

Busy, busy, busy...as always! And I can't believe they made material for such little kids to read...HELLO!