05 August 2008

Fun at Work

Thoughts from today's outting:
  • When a client introduces you to his wife and says "this is who I call up at the office all the time for assistance", don't expect her to be thrilled. Maybe she expected me to be 60 or extremely homely looking. As it was, I was dressed for the field and not to go out!
  • Just because the track hoe made a path through the field, doesn't mean you should follow it. There may be partial logs that you get hung up on.
  • When you get hung up on the above mentioned log, it might push the engine up which affects the fan and makes a horrible noise.
  • Thank God client was home and heading out to the site.
  • Skid loaders come in handy for "towing" type of needs.
  • Contractors can be liars and (what's the word I'm looking for here) . No, he's not the cheapest contractor around. No, he can not buy us lunch, even if he is just trying to be nice.
  • 5 hours in the sun = red face
  • Bug spray helps with the sweat bees. Those darn things were about to make me crazy!

1 comment:

Ashley said...

bees = no fun!! I didn't know bug spray helped keep them away??? Good to know!