18 August 2008

Week in Review

Here are a few pictures from recent weeks.

  • I survived VBS, or better yet, they survived me.
  • By time the week was over both of my children had colds and weren't taking naps.
  • I managed to get my back out of place on Saturday somehow and could hardly move.

With that said, I had a great week and a wonderful weekend. My little ones were such a joy to play with. To see their faces light up, watch them dance to the music and play in the canoe was refreshing. The last night Scott joined the bigger kid class since that class was missing a few kids. He loved it and was perfect for Tracy. At the Friday night program Scott was in a mini-skit with Tracy's class and watching him act as a "Levite" in the good Samaritan story made me forget that the role of the Levite wasn't an encouraging one. My kid was so cute, I forgot about the story all together!

Our weekend was good too. Ryan was off for the weekend and though he was gone till early afternoon, I was glad to have some time with him. I spent the day trying to balance cleaning with kid time and enjoyed accomplishing both. Saturday night we spent time as a family which was exactly what I needed. Nothing super extravagant but good quality fun time. We took a picnic to a nearby park and after eating our leftovers from lunch, we played on the toys with the kids. It was fun and it was free (except for the $2 burger we ordered for Scott since we knew he wouldn't eat crab wraps). Sunday afternoon we spent helping some friends move into their new apartment, a week after getting married. That was fun to feel helpful.

Tonight, I'm looking forward to a night of snuggling and watching a movie with the kids and planning our family trip to CA... there are lots of details to work out.


CORI said...

Oh my. Scott looks beyond adorable. He is going to drive the girls crazy when he gets older. You better watch it Tammy!

I also like Ryan's new haircut. He looks very dapper ;-)

Sorry you threw your back out. I still have back pain from my accident 2 years ago. I went to the chiropractor a few months ago. NEVER again. I thought he was going to snap my spine in half.

Kristine said...

Love the family picture!! You look great. Bethany is getting so big!!

Ashley said...

I agree, the fam pic is darling - and you look exactly the same, Tammy!