22 August 2008

Funny Conversation

Ryan and I had a funny email conversation the other day that I want to share but I must preface it first: with each child that we've had, a few weeks prior to the birth of our baby, we've gotten a new puppy. Crazy, I know, but that's how it happened.

me: Ryan, I really want to raise a puppy for a guide dog. Here's a link:
ryan: no comment

That night I asked him if he read the email. He hadn't.

The next morning:
me: Ryan, my salary has increased to X amount. Do you think the difference is enough to pay for an adoption? [this email was sent full of sarcasm as my salary had increased by about $1,000 at the most and it costs about $40,000 to adopt]
ryan several hours later: if we adopt a puppy does that mean we need to adopt a child?

Okay, you might not find the humor in it but I did. I want to do both things and his reply perfectly fit both emails and how things seemingly work for us: puppy = a baby at our house.

Happy Friday!


Jody said...

I think it's funny! Just curiously, many comapnies give an adoption allowance (or reimbursement)... Have you looked in to that?

Ashley said...

Tammy, unless you feel like God is calling you towards private adoption, I would recommend adopting through CPS. You will be floored to find out it is virtually free (except for attorney fees) and you get a stipend every month until they are 18. You can get infants and, if willing to wait, very healthy kids. Email me and I will give you more details.

Fantastagirl said...

Good luck with the new puppy!

And I'm sure you'll find the perfect child for your home... s/he will be very lucky to have your for parents, and Scott & Bethany for siblings!

Christina said...

Tammy, so good to see a message from you on my blog. I was excited to read through your recent life events and see pictures of your sweet family. I'm adding you to my friends list so I can check back regularly. Glad you're doing so well. Don't be a stranger :) HUG