04 August 2008

5k walk/jog

I did a 5k on Saturday with my friend, Renessa. I haven't ran in several years for the most part and didn't run that day either. We speed walked though and it was rough on my lazy legs. We jogged part too. It felt so good to exercise and to have some time with my friend. She lives 2 hours away and when I do see her, we're busy chasing kiddos. It was good to catch up. Maybe next time I ask her to walk with me, I'll be prepared to keep up with her!

*Yesterday my legs/hips hurt so bad I could hardly walk. I was dreading a day in the field today. Thank you Lord for bringing rain that brought me back to the office. It's not too often that I prefer to sit on my rear!

* A big thanks to Ryan for entertaining our kiddos all morning while I walked and piddled around in town!


~*~Jenni~*~ said...

i SOOOO need a walking partner, who can eventually be a jogging partner. I hate going by myself... glad you got out and got some exercise. It's good conversation time too!

Renae said...

Sounds like fun! Hope you get to stay inside today too!

I was out yesterday - but no rain here. I'll be out on a structure on Thurs/Fri but it's supposed to be much nicer by then.

Hope all is good - oh yeah, I have a couple of old phones. Who is your provider? I can ship you the ones I have.

Ashley said...

You go girl! I love walking! Hope to soreness is going away...