27 August 2008

Bethany follows in Scott's foot steps

Yesterday, there was some excitement at my mom's house involving Bethany. Yesterday around 5pm, following a full day of whining, not feeling good and constant fever, Bethany had a seizure. Thankfully mom knew how to handle the situation because we learned what to do in case of a seizure following Scott's seizure a year and a half ago. The ambulance was called and and arrived but Bethany, being an infant, was referred on to a larger transport company to care for her needs. She was taken to the ER at the local hospital where they ran blood tests and watched her until her fever came down. We think it spiked somewhere around 104.4 but dropped in a matter of 90 minutes or so. Just before 8pm, Bethany was back to her normal self and was hungry and laughing at Scott.

The febrile seizure was caused by the temperature. The temperature was likely caused by the ear infection. And the ear infection was likely caused by her teething issues. All seem to be related. In the next few days she will likely be on fever reducer medicine as her body fights off the ear infection and after that she should be just fine.

Praise God that mom knew what to do with her, that the ambulance company took good care of her, that she received excellent care at the ER and that she seems to be fine. And on top of that, I specifically thank God that I had left my office and met the ambulance at the hospital and that Ryan was on his way home from Kansas City rather than being on his way there.

The kids were playing nicely in Scott's room this morning and the ambulance toy was one of many that got pulled out of the toy chest. I couldn't resist a picture of her with her little bandage thingies and the ambulance toy


Amy said...

I am so glad that she is ok! Thank you Lord for the right people, the right time and the right place! And thank goodness that Ryan is coming home!

Fantastagirl said...

Oh MY! I'm so glad she is going to be fine - my heart just sank when I read she had a seizure. I'm so glad your mom knew what to do - and that she will be fine. Sending all kinds of good thoughts, and prayers your way!

Me said...

Oh my gosh, how scary! So glad she is ok!

jen said...

I just want to send good thoughts your way! your daughter is adorable and I'm so glad she is fine! see you soon!

Ashley said...

SO SCARY!! Glad everything is OK!