18 August 2008

Trip to Californ-i-a

I started thinking more about the trip to California. Lots of stuff that I don't want to think about but I have to:

Airline tickets $475 x 3 persons (thank you God that Bethany is under 2) = $1425
Rental Car for 10 days (picking it up at 7pm, drop off at 9am counts as 2 full days) = $300
Mailing out clothes ahead of time (because you can't check squat for luggage anymore) = $50

We're looking at spending over $2000 easy and that won't even cover everything. We'll have food, fuel, and hopefully some fun packed in there to pay for. For trips like this, its too bad that we don't agree with debt. It would be so much more fun to plan if we could do everything the way we want and not worry about the price.

I'm glad that we won't have to pay for hotels or that would just add to the agony. Between family and friends, we should be good on space.

I can't wait to go home and see family and friends and check out a few places that I miss.


Ashley said...

Hi Tammy,

If you need a place to stay you can have my house - all to your self! I can stay with my folks! I actually wouldn't mind at all. They have two extra rooms. I do have a cat though who would be hanging around with you.:-) What dates are you coming home?


Jody said...

Be sure to check out stuff at blog.HaveKidWillTravel.com for tips on the plane ride and packing. :) And have a great time!

PS Great family photo below!

Kristine said...

Have fun!!