06 November 2007

Life at a Glance

I feel like I'm running in fast forward - constantly. Here's life in fast-forward:
1. I'm swamped at work which wears me out!
2. Ryan says milk production also takes a lot of energy which might explain why I'm so tired.
3. Saturday was our first night at home alone as a family in 5 weeks. It was lovely!
3.5 I didn't know what to do and was tempted once to invite friends over. Seriously.
4. Had a b@@b biopsy on Friday. Couldn't feel a thing. Pain later. Nasty bruising.
4.5 [For my ADXers and Cori] I think I'd now be chair of the NBTC now rather than the IBTC.
5. Bethany had her first food on Saturday. She kept spitting it out. Totally not like her brother who was a little bird when we fed him.
6. Played in the leaves on Saturday. Lots of fun. Super cute pictures. Only bad thing - no Bethany, she was napping in the house.
7. Keller (the deaf and partially blind mini aussie) is gone. Came home last night and Ryan asked me if I noticed anything different. After a quick look around I embarrassingly (is that a word) said no. Ryan told me the people we planned to give Keller too finally took him.
7.5 I didn't get to say good-bye to the pup, not that he would have heard me anyway :)
8. Bethany is 17 pounds now. She gets shots in the morning.
9. I have a follow up appt for the biopsy on Friday. Hopefully they have the results back by then.
10. I'm swamped at work and am missing two half days this week. Does that make sense?
10.5 Monday is a federal holiday. Woo hoo! I might work though to get through some of the stuff on my desk.

Oops, Must leave now. Thought I had 15 more minutes, but that 15 minutes includes a 30 minute drive and picking up my kids :)


CORI said...

YAY for updates. Good luck with your boobs!

Fantastagirl said...

Good luck with the biopsy results!!!

and get some rest!

Jody said...

I hope all is well. I was tired before I read your post. Now I want to go to sleep!

Meritt - if blogger will stop calling me housewife barbie! LOL said...

Waiting to hear more on number 4.

jerelyn said...

TAKE MONDAY OFF!!! Sometimes you just need a break... :-)

Ashley said...

ok, so i can't figure out nbtc??