21 May 2007

Whiny and Pissy

I've really enjoyed my shorter work days. Its been nice to have energy to go home and get some things done. Unfortunately, I think I was too motivated and had too much time. Between having my kiddo home more and just being home, my days have been much more physical work. And carrying my 30+ pound kid around and carrying laundry from the 2nd story to the basement did me in. I think I pulled a muscle in my abdomen! Friday night I felt like I'd already had another c-section. It hurt to move, breathe, cough, etc. I was okay with it at first as it was a great reminder to what I will be feeling in a few weeks. But when things were still hurting on Sunday, I called urgent care. They suggested I go see my doctor which I wasn't willing to do. Instead, I opted to lay low all weekend. And that would be okay except I have 5 million things to do:
- Birthday/Graduation cards to make and gifts to wrap
- Laundry
- Finish cleaning up in the baby room
- Clean house for company that's coming over Memorial Weekend
- Fresh sheets on all the beds
- Water the garden
- Replant the garden that had to be moved
- Play with son who's dying to be outside ALL the time
- Oh, and let's not forget work
I'm sure there's more to do. My anniversary is on Thursday. I've already told my husband that we'll have to play it by ear as I don't know where my energy/comfort level will be. Dinner and a movie would be fun but sitting through a movie in a theatre just won't work at this point. Sadly, I need Thursday to finish cleaning before K arrives.

Otherwise a good weekend. Some friends came over and hung out. And it wasn't a rush over, eat a meal, visit quick and head home kind of deal. They came, the boys worked on putting together the jungle gym thing while us wives played with the kiddos, sat in lawn chairs outside, bathed the filthy kids, etc. It was nice and also nice for Ryan to have help with the project he's working on. He said he's on step 44 of 100+ steps. Its a slow process.

During that though, I was asked exactly where I wanted the thing to go. At this point, I had to share with my husband that I wanted it moved. And unless I justified my reasoning, it wasn't going to happen. So, I had to let him know that I was scheming on something. He's sure I'm having a patio poured for him but I'm not giving up any of the details. The thing got moved to the opposite side of the house. The new location is where our septic system got put in last fall, where hubby just finished dragging it last week and where I had planted the garden last Wednesday. So, not only did the thing get moved, but J dug up all my garden plants that had to be moved for the set. Then hubby re-planted the garden for me yesterday and cut up some rhubarb after he missed church for an emergency call and got back home before I did.

So, lots going on that I don't have the energy for. I'm eager for #2 to arrive!!!


Kristine said...

Whew! You need to PRIORITIZE, sweetie! Take care of yourself... when little-bit arrives, you're going to be busy recovering and have your hands full, so take care of yourself now so you're not completely exhausted when the time comes! Just my 2cents worth! Happy anniversary!

Mandy said...

Happy Annv. to us....we are the big 10. Is it 4 for you? Or 5. My kids suck my brain out when I sleep so my memory stinks. I can't wait for your #2 too. I am happy for you. I miss you!

Fantastagirl said...

Happy Anniversary to the both of you! Congratulations!

Remember to take care of yourself! you don't want to get completely wore out - and c-section #2, much easier than #1 (at least that's how it was for me!) BUT you will have two to take care of - so take it easy lady!

aka_Meritt said...

You dummy! Gardens do NOT take priority when you are 9 months pregnant! LOL. :)

I'm thinking Thursday you will celebrate the Anniversary in labor.

Whatcha think?

CORI said...

I'm excited to find out whether #2 is a boy or a girl!!!

Ashley said...

I can't wait for #2 either!