07 May 2007

Obsessive Whiner

I feel like all I did this weekend was whine about aches and pains. When I think about the big picture, I feel pretty decent. But when I break down all the little things, there's a ton of pregnancy irritations:
- major back pain - like as soon as I wake up and then all day long yesterday.
- Tight muscles - last evening I had a massive headache and my jaw hurt. There was no reason for my jaw to hurt so I knew it was related to tight muscles in my neck.
- Heart burn - this royally sucks. I ate fruit last night and had such bad heart burn that I thought I was going to puke
- Achy muscles - yes, my whole body aches. I hate getting up in the morning knowing that my feet ache before they hit the floor.
Yes, I've whined and whined about it. I feel bad for my husband. He has to listen (or at least hear) me complain. He gets zero attention for his aches, long days at work, etc. And the mini-martha stage is gone as I've not made one meal lately unless you count honey bran muffins (from a mix) and chocolate milk as a meal. And then my poor child gets to have a lazy mom who isn't eager to take him upstairs to bathe him, outside to play or even get down in the floor to play. I just tell him that mommy is getting too old and fat at this point.

Oh Lord, please make these next few weeks go by incredibly fast and somewhat comfortably. Help me hold my whining to a minimum as it does no good to anyone. Amen!


CORI said...

You're 8 months preggo! You deserve to whine. I'll be the biggest baby if I ever get pregnant!

Ashley said...

Awww... Is it getting any better?