07 May 2007

In other news

Kid updates... well my husband has this cute video and pictures of Scott driving the "tractor" of his grandpas. Yes, my son truly is adorable!!! Here are a few things:
1. When asked his name, he'll say the whole thing: first, middle and last (6 syllables)
2. His favorite word is "no" and he has complete attitude when saying it even though I don't think he realizes what/how he's saying. We're working on disciplining that.
3. He's a food thief. If your plate is within reach, he does help himself to what he wants.
4. He likes fruit salad with "yogurt" which isn't actually yogurt but instead a concoction of cream cheese, marshmallow cream, milk, etc. His favorite fruit right now is grapes and otherwise strawberries.
5. He still has a fetish with shoes, vehicles and tractors.

Baby clothes... what drama. Because we don't know what we're having, I dug out Scott's clothes this weekend. What I found was that you truly can NOT store clothes in airtight bags or they discolor. yes, the look like someone pee'd on them. Its gross! So, I spent several hours sorting the gobs of clothes into stained v. not stained. And then sorted them in gender neutral v. boy clothes. I began washing them yesterday. And last night when my husband saw the massive piles of clothes, I think he was a bit disgusted. Our son has TONS of clothes! Wow, I can't even begin to imagine the money we spent on clothes. I so need hand-me-downs this next go round!

Tax return... more drama. We're buying a swing set for SCott. And of course, nothing simple or cheap if we want it to last. Because we have a somewhat frugal budget, we're using our tax return to pay for it. Fortunately there should be some cash left over. Hubby thinks it needs to go to bills. I told him I had other plans for it and wasn't giving any other details. I'm sure that went over well. Hopefully he's smart enough to realize I'm doing something for him and doesn't ask any more about it.


Kristine said...

I have another far-off friend that just bought this exact swingset with their tax money! How funny! she sent me a picture of it all put together, and it looks AWESOME. Good choice! Glad to hear things are going well!! Loved the picture of you - you're so cute pregnant! (Kristine - I can't sign in for some reason!)

CORI said...

How were you supposed to store the clothes to prevent the yellow stain?

It's gonna be here soon!

Amy said...

Scott sounds like he's great at being two! I adore the stage between 1 and 3 years old. (All of the stages are great, but they learn so much during that stage) My baby, is not so much a baby anymore, and seems to be growing up way too fast. It's not fair.

Fantastagirl said...

Try pre-washing with a vinegar solution that may help.

I had the same problem with some of the clothes that I have stored of Pan's and Tink's - if you have a girl - we will have to get together - I may have something that will help you out!

me said...

I love grapes and strawberries too!

aka_Meritt said...

Guys are not bright... you might have to say more. LOL.

Ashley said...

swing set? how fun!!