17 May 2007

Lots of Little Things

OB visit yesterday:
- I'm still pregnant
- Waited over an hour to see the doc (she had an emergency at the hospital)
- I actually had my kid & mom with me yesterday so they had to endure the wait too.
- Doc limited me to 5 hour work days - WOO HOO!

I have a great husband so I'm working up something for him but can't mention any of the details here just in case he peeks in here.

Little Man is Organized
He's a riot, where do I even begin with him. Funny story from yesterday. He went to put his shoes away but the other shoes on the rug weren't lined up just right. I stood there and watched him for at least two minutes while he straightened out shoes, got them lined up perfectly and made room for all the shoes to fit. Finally I told him to just toss them on the rug and leave them there. The kid isn't even 2 yet and already he's portraying some habits of being neat and organized. I can only hope that continues to be a character trait that he develops. Oh and one more quick story... he loves to be outside ALL the time. But lately, his outside means running in and out of the dog kennel and shutting and opening the kennel gate. I know he likes to open/close doors but this obsession has been taken to a whole new level. I'm sure the dog wonders why in the world the kid would voluntarily go in there! Even the mention of "kennel" gets him all excited!

Little Man, is he Sick?
He had a "sick" weekend. I thought it was just allergies since he was outside for a few hours Friday night and a few hours again Saturday morning. On our way to Iowa City, the sickness was starting to rear its ugly head and I was realizing it was more than allergies. Not sure if it was croup or strep throat (he's had both at least 4 times each), I tried to limit the contact with his 10 month old and 90 year old family members. That's hard to do when its Mother's Day and you want him to socialize with family he rarely sees. He got Pediacare for the next few days straight. On Tuesday morning he woke up like a champ. No runny nose, no coughing, etc. But he had a sty on his eyelid. Yesterday while at the doctor's office, he rubbed his eye, breaking open the sty, it bled/oozed a little and looks much better now.

Thank you Mom & Papa
They usually keep Scott on Thursday night which allows us to socialize late with our bible study group. But tonight he's going with us to socialize so mom kept him last night. It was so nice to have a "free" night at home with a few less things to do. I was able to grill burgers & potatoes with sauteed onions for supper without having to feed Scott, bathe him, etc. And prior to that, I planted some of my garden without having to keep an eye on the wild man. No doubt, I love my child but it was nice to have a night off last night.

Alright I know I'm forgetting something... it will have to wait till later I guess.


me said...

Yay for short work days!!! :)

aka_Meritt said...

Smiled at the "still pregnant" comment. Boy I remember those days of having to tell that to everyone!

With my third baby I was 10 days past my due date. I used to answer the phone saying "no, I haven't had the baby yet" instead of 'hello'. LOL.

Ashley said...

I wonder what you are scheming...:-)