30 May 2007

Prego Update

We had a days worth of appointments yesterday:
- Met with the surgeon. Surgery is scheduled for June 27th @ 7am. We have to be there at 515am - its a 45 minute drive. But, I'll be awake for this c-section!
- Met with the OB doc. I couldn't beg her either to let me go earlier!
- Registered at the hospital, visited with the nurses about what to expect, etc. Got a little tour. I like the hospital Scott was born at better.
- Stopped at the farm Keller (deaf mini aussie) came from. She has cute pups that are ready to go. I knew not to beg in front of the owner but did so in the car. Scheming on working a deal with the owner. She really likes her vet (my hubby) and said she'd work a deal with us.

We made it home by 4pm, Ryan headed back to the clinic for one more appointment. I began preparing supper for the "new people" in town. We had them out for burgers with guacamole (my favorite - the guacamole that is) and strawberry shortcakes for dessert. Their two boys were quite fun for my little guy to play with. Their 3 week old daughter was as adorable as could be too.

Okay, my hungry belly is calling!


aka_Meritt said...

Ahhhh... all this baby talk! Cute 3 week old daughters! Not good for those of us with baby fever. LOL.

Jody said...

Wow,not much longer! Did you ever get names picked?

I don't dare beg for a puppy. But Brenna is. Last night she had an invisible puppy in her hand.It was adorable.

Ashley said...

i LOVE guacamole!