02 May 2007

Time flies...

...when you're having fun, not sleeping enough and uncomfortable!
I can't believe how quickly my days have passed this week. My week has been great as I started each day off on the right foot. Several of us are getting together for what we're calling "extreme week". We started on Sunday after church with a brief meeting. And now we're meeting from 615-7am each morning this week to focus a little more on prayer and listening. Wow, it has been an interesting few days with a variety of challenges and experiences.

We spent 10 minutes on Monday just listening. Have you ever sat in silence for 10 minutes? I know that I don't do that often and it was so hard to sit quietly and not let my "to do" list and other thoughts take over. What a good day. In that time, I really thought about loving and respecting my husband. Now, of course I love him and respect him for the most part. but, I could be doing so much better. And I need to do those two things in ways that he will comprehend and appreciate!

Tuesday was very interesting and encouraging. We challenged each other and ourselves to pray at the times of the day that Muslims pray. Making myself available to set aside the things I was doing for six different prayer times during the day was interesting and challenging. I had to manipulate some of the scheduled times because of prior commitments and interruptions. But, it was awesome to try to understand the effort and commitment of a Muslim person who does the scheduled prayers every day! It also brought up some very interesting conversation with a guy who was sitting at my desk and looked at my palm pilot when the "prayer time" reminder popped up on the screen.

And this morning, I was just glad to be up and meeting at 615 as I was super sore and tired this morning. I was in the field yesterday walking on uneven ground, up and down hills while flagging waterways for a guy. Let me just say that I was whipped!!! I even stopped twice and sat in the field for a few minutes while gaining my energy back and talking myself into finishing the job. I think I was asleep on the couch sometime around 730pm! I did wake back up to eat some fruit and dip before I headed upstairs, put the kiddo in bed, journaled a little and went to sleep. My legs are still tired and achy this morning and I think I'm done with the field work for the season unless its a small job in a flat field!!!


aka_Meritt said...

Don't push yourself! Gracious. Slow down.

And 6:15 ???? Wow. I'll be in my own kitchen making coffee at 6:15 am but can't imagine meeting anyone that early. LOL.

Jody said...

I have to say that I'm thankful my prayer group isn't that early. Heavens... I'm lucky if I'm not laying in bed nursing Caelan at that time.

Amy said...

Tammy, are you working up until the baby comes? Or are you taking a little time off right before? Put your feet up and rest some. Enjoy your last few weeks with just one child....what was that like?