22 June 2005

I'm not sure if my attitude is: It's Wednesday!!! or if its Today is only Wednesday. Regardless, it is Wednesday today and therefore my week is half over. Last Friday my coworker, Tom's wife went into labor and had a boy. She's due after me and was 3 weeks early but now I'm super eager to be in her shoes and have this done with.

Yesterday Michelle came over and painted the first coat in the baby's room. Yay for Michelle and her kind heart. I'm still loving these part time days which keep me plenty busy. yesterday I actually rested, yep, I laid on the couch and watched Dr. Phil and Oprah. I felt super lasy but it was well needed. Sleep during the night has been less than I need which makes some restful time super valuable.

Sunday afternoon we had company. Two of the girls I met in Nicaragua came to visit. Both are now married and one has a little girl. It was super fun to see them. Anna, the younger sister has been living in Waverly for a year now so I see her every once in a while. They were so sweet, they brought over EVERYTHING we needed for our meal. What an awesome gesture, they didn't want me to do anything since I'm pregnant. But I don't like doing "nothing" so I quickly put together a Cornbread cake dessert.

I'm thankful the week is moving right along. Tomorrow I have a meeting with my Quality Steering Team for our area. They're my buds, especially a few of them. So, it will be fun to see them once again before I take a break from work. Pretty soon here I'll be in my last week of pregnancy - woo hoo!


jerelyn said...

I'm right there on the "IT'S WEDNESDAY!!!" attitude...except that now it's Thursday. I mean...IT'S THURSDAY!!!! I can't wait for it to be Friday. :-)

I'm glad you're taking time to rest...I think that's a great thing, especially when I think about how busy you will be after you have your little one! You should definitely enjoy the peace and quiet while you have it!

Can't wait to get an email/phone call/text message/skywriting message/plane with a banner behind it/blimp/or whatever letting me know that he's finally here!! Did you guys decide on a name??

Jennifer said...

I did the Oprah thing in Tuesday too (I had the day off with my child who cried all day)

I don't know why but I cried like a baby myself at all the Oprah show! I'm such a sap!

Carrie said...

wow the time has flown by!