09 June 2005

Wow, where does time go. And how much of it have I wasted lately? What am I doing with the precious time I’ve been given?

Last week I had two doctor appointments. The first was my regular check up. I’m now going weekly and go again tonight. The next day I had an ultrasound to make sure the baby is in proper position. The guy was awesome – unlike last time we had an ultrasound. They told me he would just check for position and I’d be on my way. But, this guy actually had a personality and explained things and showed me things. He took all the measurements again and said the baby at that point was about 6.5 pounds. Eeek, if he grows a half pound a week and goes to term, I’ll be trying to deliver an 8.5 pound baby. I also got to see HIS “parts”, his fingers, legs, heartbeat, etc. It was much fun but unfortunately neither Ryan nor mom were there to see since he wasn’t supposed to do all that.

It seems like we’ve had non stop company lately. I love entertaining but it does get tiring – especially with my current energy levels. Last Friday we had my folks and the Mitts’ over for supper and a movie. We fixed shrimp scampi for supper and then sat down to watch the Aviator (weird movie and too much foul language for me!). Then Saturday morning was my time to clean. I had plans on how I would get things accomplished and in which order so that I wouldn’t be on my feet or on my rear for too long at one time. Then Ally (she’s 10ish – a Mitts kid) called and wanted to hang out. She came over for a few hours and we scrap booked together and played with Keller. Not much time left for getting anything done around the house but I love kids and being and trying to be a positive influence in their lives. Saturday night Ryan and I went to the Lions Club annual fish fry. It was okay but definitely nothing fancy, they didn’t even have lemon wedges to squeeze on the fish! Sunday was the longest day of our weekend. We had church followed by a noon potluck. I was really encouraged with what Shane was sharing with everyone in the morning. After potluck, I stopped at mom’s (I so love that they are near) and then headed home to more company. Richie Ellis came over to help Ryan work upstairs and he brought the family. So, I got home to Sonya and the girls who were FULL of energy. No nap or relax time for me. Later that afternoon, some ladies of the church through a baby shower for us. It was awesome and everyone was so generous. Two of my favorite parts of the afternoon was mom’s food – always a treat, and Ryan’s boutonniere thing. Jeanie made one for each of us and his had a tiny beanie baby behind the flower. The only farm animal she had was a horse! Too funny, the guy who hates horses!

Its been another busy week at the office. And my back HATES the office. I sit too much and it just kills my back, I’m so uncomfy that I could cry. Instead I whine a lot :) I’m still officially working full time but have warned my boss that I’m ready to give up my desk for a while. My back just doesn’t handle all this sitting. I’m trying my best to help out my fair share with all the applications for our new program but then I feel miserable by time I get home. In fact, its so uncomfy I choose not to sit at lunch or supper. For supper I either stand and eat or lay down to eat. I feel lazy but my back is just yucky. I suppose that’s par for the course, especially with my added 30 pounds that’s all out front. Okay, off to work! Pray for me PLEASE!!!


Ashley said...

I will pray for you. Hang in there - you are almost done!!

Tell your parents to talk to my parents about how nice it is to live near a daughter.;)

Jennifer said...

Prayers coming your way!

jerelyn said...

definitely prayin for you...you are keeping busy, that's for sure! sorry to hear about the aches...but you're so close! hang in there, kiddo! :-)

Carrie said...

WIll be praying for you~ When we see you you will be a mommy!

Kristin said...

Sounds busy! You are amazing....I know if I werew prego I wouldn't have that type of energy. God has truly blessed you!