03 June 2005

Check out some new pictures I posted:
- Keller, our new puppy.
- Ryan and Renessa Zurbiggen, our buddies here who will be moving to SD where Ryan will start seminary.
- Two from last summer: Kaleb and I fishing and Kaleb's first parade.
- Our trip to Las Vegas last February. (this link takes you to the album which has several pictures in it)


Jennifer said...

thanks for sharing the pictures. you and your hubby make a cute team. I can't wait till I see pictures of your little one posted here. Only a few short weeks before he arrives! how are you feeling?

Ashley said...

your puppy is adorable!

CORI said...

That puppy is TOO cute!

jerelyn said...

hey you stayed in the Flamingo hotel! Wasn't it great?! Last summer I was there for a bachelorette party and we stayed in the Barbary Coast next door. Vegas is definitely an "interesting" place! :-)