30 June 2005

Not gonna happen!

went to see dr. miller yesterday. things hadn't progressed and he decided that inducing me wouldn't be the best decision. he thought that at this point (being only 2 cm), inducing me wouldn't do any good. so, now we're back to the waiting game. i'm trying to be patient but i was so sure that we'd be induced after sunday's drama of contractions. i can't believe there was NO change. that's life though and i'm just thankful that i'm not in the situation where i have to be induced because of problems.

next week i go back for my regular check up. only this time dr. miller is on vacation so i get to see another doctor, a guy i've not ever met before. this should be fun. i'm really hoping to go into labor on my own before then. since i don't get to go early, i'll hope for the 4th of july again. i'm home today resting my back and hopefully having some quiet time. i'll keep everyone posted if anything changes :)


CORI said...

Awww! Sorry to hear that ;-(

I was hopping you would have calved by now ;-( ;-(

Jennifer said...

Oh the waiting game huh? soon. the last days are the longest

Nina Baker said...

Hey tam...i laughed so hard when I read your last blog entry...I thought it was perfect. Poor Tammy. Well a fourth of july baby sounds like fun. I'll call you this weekend some time okay. Love you. Nina

Amy Doolittle said...

Hey tammy...I can't believe you are so close! I have been checking your blog knowing that your due date was coming up soon. It is so wonderful to read about the wonderful life you and Ryan have made together! It will only get better with the arrival of Baby B! Remember that the Lord's plans and timing are perfect, He is giving you these days for a purpose...enjoy the extra time with Ryan and preparation for the baby! Can't wait to hear your wonderful news!

love, amy

Mandy said...

Praying for you as you wait. It's all about the baby & when he's ready. They have a way of letting you know.;)
July 9 is a good day for a baby. It's a Saturday & it's not a holiday weekend. Oh & I'll never forget his b-day. I'm willing to share it with him. ;)