08 June 2010

Time Flies

We've been home a month with Judah. The month has been a busy one. We've seen lots of friends and family both far and here at home. We've been so busy it makes my mind swirl.

Just this week we've seen lots of people. On Friday my Aunt Janie, Aunt Anna and Uncle Johnny drove in for a weekend visit. They've been on a road trip and I'm thankful they made it up our way. I love getting to spend time with my family.

On Saturday I drove to Iowa City to run a few errands and have a "big girl" lunch at Panera with Tera and Betty (a huge thanks to Uncle Mike for taking the boys to McD's so the girls could have a quiet lunch. Another huge thanks to Uncle Mike for meeting me in Iowa City to switch vehicles so I wouldn't have to drive all the way to Prairie City to get my van back!) I left the home of the Hawkeyes and headed to Cedar Rapids where I met my dad and nephew at the airport. It was so good to be able to pick them up. Of course I drug them with me to run a few more errands, before driving home in a downpour.

My Aunts and Uncle who drove in left on Monday morning. My dad is here all week. Last night my nephew came home with us and we played a bit. Today we had plans for a picnic at a local park but we've had a gentle rain all day so we've all been stuck inside.

I'm looking forward to the rest of the week and hoping that the weather man is wrong since I read that we have a half decent day tomorrow and then showers the rest of the week.

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