22 June 2010

No belt

I got to work today and realized I didn’t have a belt on. Hmm, that’s not like me, especially when I wear slacks. Fortunately, it was no big deal. I apparently don’t need a belt with these slacks. Maybe it has something to do with the 7 to 9 pounds I’ve gained since we left for Ethiopia. Hmm, now what? Thankfully I realized this before I packed my lunch. It would be so easy to eat less, only it’s not so easy. Last week on the days I went to work, I felt like I was starving all day. A light lunch was too light. And no “snack time” left me hungry. Am I really hungry or have I just trained my body to eat all day long? This morning I packed a crab salad wrap, a little pasta salad and some fruit before I headed to work.

By 10:45 I was hungry. I busted out a crystal light packet, dumped it in my water and took a drink. My goal is to drink something when I feel hungry and maybe that will hold me over for a while. Do you think it will work?

Its 1140am and I’m thinking that noon can’t come soon enough.

I’m not all about diets but I am about eating healthy and treating my body like it’s God’s Temple. If I like to make sure my house is clean before and while I have company, then why wouldn’t I do the same for my body as the Holy Spirit resides in me?

Thank you Lord for the noon whistle in town. I’m free to refuel. Only now I’ve been sitting for an hour listening to a net replay at work. My body hurts from sitting and I desperately need a standing break. I decide to work at my standing work station cause I know that I’m not really starving.

Whether or not I lose weight, I certainly plan to change the shape of my body. Did you know that during a recent visit with my aunt, she asked me if I was pregnant. I so need to work out again. I so need to be accountable about what I eat. I so need to change the shape of my gut so that no one else has to ask me if I’m pregnant :)

At 1215pm I eat my modest but filling lunch. That was awesome. I wanted to go outside and enjoy some warmth and sunshine but I didn’t want to take an official lunch break. Being there a short day today, I needed to keep trudging along.

I got home shortly after 5pm and I still wasn’t hungry. Amazing. I went right into the kitchen to put dishes away and clean up a few leftover dishes from last night. I also managed to eat 5 oreo balls. At least they weren’t dipped in chocolate. Maybe I consumed only 25 grams of fat instead of 37. Yikes.

What was it I said about treating my body like God’s temple? Man did I fail on that one today. I guess its time to get back up and try again tomorrow.

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Shonda said...

Ha ha - cannot imagine you looking pregnant. Unless ... wait, were you wearing your super secret money pouch loaded with birr???