28 June 2010

Happy Birthday Princess!

Super Mom here. Okay, okay, it’s not about me but honestly today I felt like I was (expected to be) Super Mom. Mostly I didn’t mind so it was okay. Back to my Princess Peach though.

Today my sweet Bethany turned 3. Happy Birthday Miss Bethany. I love my sweet little thang. She’s a doll. We celebrated off and on throughout the day. Since she recently told me I was the best muffin maker, I started the morning crawling out of bed to make muffins for my girl. While those were in the oven, I went to build the castle cake. Only I realized that I didn’t have frosting. That’s a separate story in itself.

Some Sunday mornings are a little rough and stressful. Today was no different. This time because our sweet girl wasn’t feeling so great. She was all dressed up in her sweet princess dress and princess shoes but her normal glow was clouded over with constipation. Poor thing. We were to church, only 10 minutes late, and were greeted by the Pastor who said “don’t worry about sitting down”. I went from the back of the church to standing next to my seated (and timely) husband, to the stage where Judah was given his “new baby in the church” rose.

Back to Miss Bethany.

After church we made a quick run to the grocery store where Ryan bought the items for home-made ice-cream (he didn’t like my store bought stuff which is good because the freezer pushed open and the contents thawed) and I bought frosting.

If this is how our whole day is going to go, I’m going to need a nap.

At the house I threw together a oriental rice stir fry dish. Only I had the wrong seasoning packet which also meant I had no directions but I was plenty hungry. I made lunch as best as I could recall from the one other time I’d made that meal.

This is how our day is going to go isn’t it?

The birthday girl, she wasn’t going to make it to the table and went straight for the nap. That was okay with everyone at the table! Princesses need their beauty rest after all. While she rested, I managed to put together thee ugliest castle cake ever. Seriously.
Normally that would make me crazy. Today, not so much. I knew Bethany would be thrilled even if the corner of the castle had fallen off.

Post nap, my gleaming little beauty had bed head and was in her comfy clothes. She was so cute in her Mexico soccer uniform that I didn’t want to change her. But, pictures were in order and our princess needed to be all beautified.

While Ryan froze ice-cream, I threw together a quick dish of baked chicken alfredo and rolls. I managed to pull that off quite well just as the ice-cream was finishing. Our family plus the grandparents all sat down for a meal together. Before we were done, Bethany was distracted in the other room with a pooping extravaganza. Poor thing. Who cares if she didn’t eat lunch and didn’t eat much supper, let’s eat some cake and ice-cream. Wait, wait, the girl has to blow out some candles and hear all of us sing to her first.

Like clock work, all three of my kids were having issues. Bethany was screaming and pooping as I walked through the room to take Judah to the toilet. Scott had the bathroom occupied and when questioned informed me that he’d pee’d and pooped in his pants. Nice. Got that dealt with and took Judah to the toilet where he did both numbers. Yes, my youngest son is apparently the only one who can sometimes potty on the toilet. I disgress.

Cake and ice-cream was great and I was summoned to the chair to snuggle a sweet little girl while the grandparents helped clean up. The birthday party was about over when I caught this sweet little boy smooching his Grandpa in the kitchen. We ended our night watching Alvin & the Chipmunks while I edited a few photos.

Where did that nap go? Oh yeah, those don’t happen or aren’t needed when you’re a super mom. Happy Birthday to our Super daughter, my very own little Princess Peach.

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