13 June 2010

A Quick Update

All’s well on our journey. We’re all transitioning quite well considering the events of the last month. We’ve travelled on a day trip to see family and run errands, a weekend trip a short drive away, and a 5 day trip a long way away. We’ve also enjoyed having my dad here this past week. In the time we’ve been home I managed to do something to my back which has gone on for 3 weeks now. Loving on kiddos and keeping up with a home quickly becomes a difficult task when you physically can’t lift or bend over. So, our transition, and my “maternity” leave, has looked quite different than I expected. The back issue has been a great way for Ryan to connect more with the older two kids and attach more with Judah.

We’re all doing great really. I’m so thankful that God knows our limits and doesn’t push us beyond them. Some days I think God is taking me right up to my limit though. It has been a good and difficult lesson as I train and love Judah to recall how patient God is with me, a sinner.

Scott is a wonderful big brother and continues to be in Judah’s face much of the time. Scott is a big helper with Judah and life in general. He’s had to grow up a bit which has been good since he can be a tad bit dependent with things he should be independent about. Bethany is doing well too but taking a little different journey through adjustment. If she loves Judah, she certainly doesn’t show it in an obvious manner. She makes sure to let us know that she needs some focus time too. While she’s dealing with constipation and a raw bottom today, her sweet little brother has had five NASTY diapers. Nice. Judah is doing quite well. He eats like a champ. And if you give him something he likes, he is a bottomless pit. Tonight it was mixed fresh fruit and I had to cut him off. Judah is doing mostly well with toileting. I can see it being an issue of control for him so for now we’re trying to be super encouraging when he goes on the potty.

Seems like we’re holding up too. One of the questions Holt asks us in our follow up questions is about getting enough time together as a couple. Yes, we’re getting time together each night – otherwise known as Ryan watches a TV show on DVD as he winds down and I’m too tired to wind down so I fall asleep next to him. Seriously. I’m looking forward to the new “normal” whenever that happens so we can adjust our time as a couple to that. Since you already know we’re not perfect, I’ll share something else you already know. We have left some room for improvement in our marriage. I could do a better job at respecting my husband, we could improve on praying for and with each other, etc.

I’m thankful for the progress we’ve made as a family and know that we will continue to adjust and move forward; hopefully becoming more like Christ each day. Ya know I pray daily that my kids will love God and love others more each day. It’s


CORI said...

Does she have red hair?

Tamara B said...

not quite red. It's auburn I guess.