08 June 2010

Thanks Janel

So we all know that I've been out of the blog loop lately. Yesterday I managed to jump online long enough while visiting with my friend Michelle to read an update on our friend Janel's adoption progress. It was so good to read what's going on in their journey. Janel, as I read it aloud to Michelle, I had to stop reading because my emotions got the best of me and I started crying. I turned the screen towards Michelle and we both read. For those of you who aren't following Janel and Jake's journey, check them out: http://team-sullivan.blogspot.com/

Today when I came to town to run a few errands (all 4 kids were quiet if not asleep) while Dad was in charge so I could get a quick break, I popped in on Janel's blog again. It was so fun to read her post about the journey bags. I want to link to it so you can read but I have to preface the link: first let me say that this is by no means a pat on my own back. I don't think I'm some amazing person or that I did such a good deed. I'm me. A sinner saved by grace. A wife who fails miserably but has an understanding family. A person who loves others. Yes, I made a few bags but it's more than that. God has given me the ability to do certain things. All I did was say "yes" to using my small little gift (I'm really not a sewer for those who want to know) and offerring it up to God. I did this by sewing up a few simple bags and praying for the individuals who would receive them as I sewed. True, these bags are going on a journey, but the glory and the credit goes to a God who cares enough about those specific villagers in Ghana to use a nobody like me to cut and sew some fabric.

Now, with that said, I would encourage you to say yes when you feel a tug at your heart to do for someone else. It could be as simple as a meal for a new mom, some potted flowers for an elderly lady, or a visit to a shut-in. Okay, now if you're super board you can go over to Janel's blog, skim through the post about the journey bags as you scroll down and read the real stuff - what God has been doing in their lives as they say "yes Lord, use me" .... http://team-sullivan.blogspot.com


Janel said...

After my post yesterday I had two friends contact me to see if they could pay you to make them a bag b/c they loved them so much! I will be in touch! :)

Lori said...

I love the bags and the splash of color on them.