28 June 2010

Tell me all you know about Nahum

For those who are church attenders, you might recognize that as a book of the bible. For those who don’t attend church, you’ve likely never even seen the word before. Because I attend church and have (at one time thanks to pledge semester of Alpha Delta Chi), I memorized the names of the books of the bible as they appear in the bible. At one point I’ve even read that book. But hearing the request to tell someone all I know about Nahum, I sit there and say “ummm, ummm, well I think it’s one of the minor prophets. It falls after Micah and before Habbakuk…”. Yikes, this is the second time today I’ve felt like I have a total lack of biblical knowledge. How well can I give an answer for what I believe? Am I saying you have to have Nahum memorized to give an answer? No, but the point is that I’m feeling convicted about my knowledge of and my time in The Word.

As I continued to sit and listen to an i-tunes sermon, I had to turn it off. I minimized i-tunes and opened up e-sword. Listening to a message on God’s Word is good. But my conviction was to know and spend time in scripture. I opened up to the 34th book of the bible and began reading the 3 short chapters. Go read Nahum. It isn’t pretty. The books is about Nahum’s vision concerning Ninevah and man am I glad that I’m not living in Ninevah. After a brief and sad read, I wondered what was up with Ninevah. Why did God have such anger here?

It’s amazing to me how much I sometimes have to force myself to spend time in the Word. Yet every time I open up this book, aka e-Sword - the Sword of the Lord with an electronic edge, I just can’t get enough. This has been a good lesson today. Are you convicted of something in your life? What are you doing about it today?

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