02 December 2009

Working on Overload

It's been a wild few weeks.  Craziness at work, holiday planning at home, kids getting to big to leave presents out in plain view, adding running on the treadmill on the days I don't lift weights, more craziness at work, adoption stuff, etc.
I've really been wanting to post about how my perception of being in the world and not of the world is changing.  It's a difficult thing for me always but something that has been increasingly on my heart and mind.  That will have to wait for another day because there are two big things going on right now.
One is Ryan's grandpa.  He was a rockstar in surgery and I just talked to him very briefly just minutes after they pulled the tube out of his throat.  What joy to hear his voice.  He is just learning that he's been in the hospital the last 9 days with a broken neck and yesterday had surgery to fuse the vertebrae together.  We're so glad he's here.
The second is life on the adoption front.  We finished our homestudy and  yesterday got a call from Holt.  It wasn't about the homestudy.  Rather it was to ask us if we were ready to get a referral.  And by ready they mean financially (see the post from yesterday at our adoption blog).  I let Holt know this morning that we are ready and this afternoon we got a referral from them.  We still have to take the information to our doctor before we can accept a referral.
Obviously between these two things, I'm quite distracted and giddy!

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Lisa said...

I'm glad Ryan's grandfather is doing well. Praying for his continued healing.

And, SOOOOO excited for your referral!!! I can't wait to hear more!

CORI said...

YAYYY!!! I am so freaking excited for you!!! This is like finding out you are pregnant! Congratulations!!!!

Does he have a name?