27 December 2009

Quick Thoughts

I so need to update my profile. That was more than 4 years ago. I've since chopped my hair, lost the baby weight, grown my hair out, gained back the weight, and am currently running around with short hair and only a bit of the extra pounds.

Christmas is gone. We know that because our wise little son is now counting the days until next Christmas as well as the days until summer. His "how many more days until..." question is getting on our nerves but I'm thankful that he's curious and wants to know. Christmas may have past but I'm still trying to reflect on the celebration that we fail to focus on at our house. How is it that we can have plans on focusing it more on the babe in the manger but still manage to spend too much on gifts and fill our time with overeating rather than worshipping a King? I'd hoped to make a birthday cake this year but that didn't happen. My kids can tell you that we celebrate Jesus' birthday but they're also loving the presents they received.

I also tried to make Ryan's gifts a little more focused on Christ. My good friend gave me the 3 gifts idea. This is basically the idea behind it:
1. Gold
· This is a practical gift given to Jesus it would have helped them to afford the journey God was about to send them on.
· To represent this gift you give a practical gift to help them on the journey of life that God has for them.
· This could include clothes, coats, shoes, boots, or even a shelf for their room, Something they have a use for.
· These gifts should not have a religious theme or you will blur the lines of the gifts.

For this gift, I gave Ryan a journal and have been praying that he will use it to draw closer to God in all areas of his life.

2. Myrrh
· This gift was a perfume to bring pleasure or joy into Jesus life.
· This is a fun gift to get so this gift you give is something fun they will enjoy.
· This could include a game, a basketball, a toy, just something to have fun with and play.
· These gifts should not have a religious theme or you will blur the lines of the gifts.

For this gift, I gave Ryan a starbucks gift card and a Snoopy comic book.

3. Frankincense.
· This was something they would have burned to give a pleasing aroma to God. The gift would have burned steady and strong.
· You choose a gift for your child that will help them to live a life pleasing to God, a life in which they will be steady and strong.
· This could include a story book, an activity book, a Bible, a Bible game, a movie about God, CD with age appropriate music for them, a picture for their bedroom wall. We have given T-shirts with Christian saying on them.

Focusing on the living a life pleasing to God, I gave Ryan some new workout clothes and gloves. He works out 3 days a week with another friend so I got him shorts, a shirt, pants and some weight lifting gloves. By the way, he looks really hot in his new pants!

The kids were of course spoiled with gifts from grandparents, parents and us. We loved watching them open their gifts. We also greatly enjoyed the company of our family - his on Christmas Eve and mine on Christmas day. I of course especially enjoyed the 4 day weekend off from work!

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