17 December 2009

A day (or 8 hours) in the life of me...

In the past 8 hours, I have:
  • Gone on a trail ride in the snow. It really was work related. By the end of it, I was cold and feeling like I had rocks in my snowboots rather than toes. What a beautiful time. A good refreshment and reminder of the things I love about my job: being outdoors, working with people.
  • Finished up one of the home-made gifts that was driving me crazy.
  • Driven down the road in the vet truck while eating a piece of no longer frozen pizza, sharing with Bethany in the middle and cracking the window to get rid of Ryan's work smells. Hello, safe driver award goes to me please.
  • Watched Bethany rock out to the song Fanatic.
  • Bathed two energetic children and watched them have fun in a bathtub with about 1 inch of water while I prayed in frustration for the well to kick in and recharge the water tank two floor below.
  • Washed, folded and put away four loads of laundry (the reason our water is struggling).
  • Partly packed for another quick trip to the DesMoines area to pack G&G's things for their move to the retirement home. Thank you Lord that Grandpa is alive, even though he's having a rough time moving from the home he built and the community he's always lived in!
  • Missed bible study again. I don't like missing this but as you can see from above, I had lots going on.
  • Kept myself and hubby awake way too long since our morning will start at 510am!

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